Friday, January 21, 2011

Pictures at USS

Updates at 3 Years Old

  • Weight: 15.3kg
  • Height: 95cm
  • Age: 3 Years Old
  • Character: Stubborn, Fierce, Likes to complain "Mummy, Daddy disturbs me! Can you scold Daddy?", Tends to be shy at times, Speak fairly well in English, Has a little bit of "ang moh" slant for Mandarin, Natural flair for singing, Kind-hearted towards animals (esp Leo).
  • Likes: Gummy bears, Chocolates, Ribena, Reading (listening to) storybooks, Colouring, Strawberry Shortcake & Friends, CareBears, Dora The Explorer, Drink mama's soups, To be praised.
  • Dislikes: Medicine (esp Antibiotics), Daddy to disturb her, Force her to do things.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Evangeline!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Evangeline!

It's her birth day today (3 years ago). We brought her to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for some great entertainment and fun. Indeed, she had good fun and could tell that she enjoyed herself tremendously.

We took many great pictures with the characters and took rides. Evangeline is not like her mummy who is so afraid of the characters when she was a young gal. She hugged and kissed all the characters she met. What a brave girl!

After a long day at USS, we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe at RWS. We informed the staff that it is Evangeline's birthday and they had a birthday sundae for her and sang a birthday song for her....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3rd Bday celebration in School

Teacher Mrs Ng (right) & Mrs Eppie (left standing) and her classmates.
Evangeline & Marie Faith, her good friend.

Evangeline celebrated her 3rd birthday in school today as she'll be going to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) tomorrow on her actual day. We bought her favourite "Strawberry Shortcake & Friends" rectangle cake and prepared some goodies in a loot bag for her classmates. She was so delighted to see her cake & enjoyed singing birthday song, taking pictures, cutting cake, eating cake, distributing her goodies bag to her friends.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last day of school in Learning Visions

Today is Evangeline's last day of school at Learning Visions @ Changi. We took some pictures for her and her with teachers who had taught her.

Throughout this year, she has grown a great deal and graduated from Toddlers class to Nursery 1 within 8mths. I've spoke with her current teacher, Teacher Nadiah and was been informed that she is a sociable girl who could interact well with her peers.

She is also very vocal in her speech and a usual helper to teachers. She knows the class rules well and would always feedback to her teachers if her friends/classmates did something out of the class rules. She eats well in school and would take her time to finish the food if it is not to her liking. However, if she likes the food, she'd finished it fast. She's a neat girl and would eat her meal without making a mess. However, a point to note is that she has little confidence of herself and required more encouragement when it comes to doing schoolwork and assignments. She always say she can't do it but with a little encouragement from her teacher and friends, she is able to complete her work.

Overall, her friends and teachers will be missed by her and vice versa.

Thursday, October 14, 2010